What are tuition payment options?

All payments can be made via cash, check (made out to Raise The Barre), or electronically via Venmo (@RaiseTheBarreDuluth) or PayPal. As we grow, we will be able to offer more credit card options.

If choosing the monthly payment option, payment must be made by the 5th otherwise a $10 late fee will be added to your account.

We strive to be available and accessible to everyone. If making a monthly payment is struggle, please contact us for some financial aid options.

Where can I park?

There is open street parking on both sides of Grand Ave along with our side lot that is against the building. Please pull in and park on a diagonal to allow more parking availability. On the side of the building there are signs that state ‘Permit Parking Only’. This is only because the building was vacant for so long. There is an apartment upstairs of the studio that is currently occupied so please do not park in front of/block the garage that is located directly behind our building.

What if my dancer misses a class?

If your dancer needs to miss class, a make-up option is always available! Just please reach out to us for your options.

If for some reason, we must cancel a class – a special make-up class option will be provided.

(For our younger dancers, please let them know that this isn’t a class where they get to put on make-up. The confusion happens way more than you’d think!)

Can I watch my dancer’s class?

Due to our location’s open and very acoustic space we ask that parents come in and drop off their dancer and then pick up promptly at class dismissal. With current Covid conditions, parent/guardians cannot stay in the available seating. However, for our younger levels, we will be doing a rotational schedule so that each week ONE parent from each class will get to come in and observe the last 15 minutes of class. Please make sure you are checking your emails to see when it’s your week to come and observe. Masks are currently required for all parent/guardians while in our space.

What is your weather-related cancelation policy?

We live in northern Minnesota where the weather is SO unpredictable. We follow Duluth Public School District (ISD 709) on all closings. Sometimes you look back and think you could have made it to class, but no one can truly predict our area’s weather. So to keep it simple, if ISD 709 cancels school/after school activities, our classes are canceled as well.

Do you provide virtual class options?

We want to be completely inclusive and will be offering virtual classes in tandem with the in-person classes. Be patient with us as we open to get set up to do so. If you chose to be virtual only, please make sure that your dancer has the internet capability, proper space for a class, and that the video feed can make sure we always clearly see the dancer from head to toes!