About Us

Raise the Barre LLC was created in Spring of 2021 by Paige and Aaron Larson. Paige has been a dance educator in the area for almost 2 decades and decided there was a need for a ballet studio in our area. The building that used to be the home of the ‘Danish Bakery and Deli’ is just down the street from their home and has been vacant for years. Once they decided they wanted to start their own school, they applied to lease it and here we are!

Raise the Barre is solely a classical ballet studio and offers classes for ages 3 & up for all genders, races, and body types. Raise the Barre is a safe space for everyone to explore and appreciate the art form that is ballet while being in an encouraging and judgment free atmosphere. It is our belief that ballet is for everyBODY and aim to make it so by making classes affordable and accessible. We strive to offer flexible options for our older students who may only be able to take once to multiple times a week.

Our Studio

Once the ‘Danish Bakery and Deli’ closed its doors in 2001 after almost 50 years and it’s been vacant since. The owner of the building eventually cleared it out and added a bathroom before putting it up for lease. Once the Larsons took the keys, they started the process of turning it into a dance space. Harlequin Flexity sprung flooring was installed and then marley on top of that to ensure a safe and supportive floor for our students. We are excited and honored to be a part of the ever expanding West Duluth business district.