Class Descriptions

Age requirements for class enrollment is the student’s age as of September 1st, 2023. All students must enroll in their age-appropriate class and if a move needs to be made, Ms Paige will okay the class change.


Creative Movement 1 (3-4 year-olds)

This class is for our youngest dancers where they get to start exploring movement and music in a classroom setting. For many of our 3-year-olds, it’s the first time that they learn to listen to another adult that isn’t family along with being exposed to other kids in an environment geared towards learning. Along with basic ballet movements they will learn how to take turns and work on counting, shapes, colors, and fine motor skills using props and imagination.


Creative Movement 2 (4-5 year-olds)

This class is a continuation of Creative Movement 1, but as they gain more control over their movement, we add in more difficulty such as changing directions/dynamics and progressing the skills they already know all with classical ballet undertones.


Pre-Primary Ballet (5-6 year-olds)

At this age, we start focusing on adding the movement to the music and remove some of the obstacle course/imagination exercises throughout the year. They start adding in more ballet terminology and focus much more on the lines and shapes our bodies are making. Think of your child playing with play dough. As young humans, they understand what they’re making as they’re playing but we cannot always see/understand it. As they grow older, we start seeing what they’re trying to create because it becomes clearer as their motor skills improve.


Primary Ballet (6-7 year-olds)

This is a very transitional year for students. They’ve had a full year of kindergarten under their belt and understand class rules and traditions, so we really get to work on ballet technique. We start focusing a bit more on turnout and placement of the legs and feet and by the end of the year they are doing barre work!


Ballet 1 (7–9 year-olds)

This is the year that your dancer is in a fully immersed into a professional ballet class. Classes are structured that they’ll learn a large array of ballet barre exercises that will then transition into center work. This class is recommended to 8-year-olds that do not have prior dance experience.

As class descriptions continue and the levels go up, more and more new material/exercises are introduced. We recommend that you enroll in your student’s age requirement class and then after being in a few classes, we can maybe suggest a better class for your student’s optimal learning potential. For all class options (ages 9 and up) please contact us for best placement options.

If you have any further questions on your child’s class placement or class descriptions, don’t hesitate to email us @ or call (218)590-1717.